The best color negative inversion method

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Fast, easy, consistent

If you're like me, you've struggled with countless negative inversion solutions in the hopes of getting good results, but got frustration and inconsistency, even from expensive solutions or professional scanning software. To get the results that I wanted I developed this process on my own through research and a lot of testing.

inverting portra400 in photoshop

Perfect inversion with one click

The process is based on principles borrowed from RA-4 printing as well as scanners such as the Fuji Frontier; this provides a result that needs little to no adjustment, while also preserving the characteristics of the film.

inverting ektar film in photoshop

How it works

My method uses a set of operations and blending modes that eliminate the orange base and color casts. The next steps are aimed at setting a basis for contrast and color correction. To further develop the image, yellow and magenta controls allow manual CC, similar to a color enlarger in traditional wet printing


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*Adobe Photoshop or Affinity Photo required
ver. 1.6 - Updated 30.05. 2018