Converting Negatives from Scanners

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The starting point of any inversion is a properly made raw scan.

Read over this guide first, and make sure your scans are properly made. If your scans are non-linear, then you need to run them through any tool that will make them linear and save them in the tiff format.

- After downloading & installing CNMY, you will find the action folder in Photoshop.
- If you don't see the Actions panel, make sure it is activated under Window - Actions
- If using Affinity Photo, you will find the tool once you activate the panel from View - Studio - Macros

- Once you have the Actions panel brought up, you are ready to go!
- First select the 'Convert' action, then hit the play button
- If using Affinity Photo instead of Photoshop, you should crop the frame before converting!

- The initial result will be flat and neutral, conserving highlights
- Use one of the two AutoColor presets to adjust the image
- The Frontier preset requires you to have installed the included LUT file

- The Manual CC (Color Correction) action adds three adjustment layers
- This emulates working with a color head in traditional RA-4 printing
- Leave the Cyan adjustment as it is, and adjust the Yellow and Magenta layers first by changing their opacity

- If at any point you want to revert the scan back to its uninverted state, use the 'Start Fresh' option
- On Affinity Photo, in order to revert the document to its initial state select Document - Restore Snapshot - Background
- Each action is intended to be used only once, do not stack them by not reverting the scan to its original state first!