NZXT H1 - Aluminium CNC Custom Panels

Thermal Tests

Testing Results:

Tempered Glass: 79°C max

Vented Panel: 71.5°C max

w/ fan mod:

Tempered Glass + Noctua: 76°C max

Vented Panel + Noctua: 68.5°C max

Testing Methodology:

Looped stress tests run on UNIGINE Superposition (Advanced Edition) 4k High for 15 + 20 minutes runs each. GTX 1080 Ti set to default configuration with 60% fixed fan speed in MSI Afterburner.

For all custom panel tests, the vertical slots design was used. Additional tests done with 2x Noctua NF-A4x20 installed as exhaust in the GPU compartment, facing the back of the case.

Measured ambient temperature, fluctuating between 27°C and 26°C (results adjusted)

System Configuration:

AMD Ryzen 1600AF @ 3.9 Ghz / MSI B450i / 16 GB RAM / EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2

Airflow Tests:

The positive pressure design of the H1 case is maintained, with the front vented panel acting as additional exhaust (tested at 0% GPU fan speed and 60% GPU fan speed). The side dust filters add very little resistance, even with the 2x Noctua fan mod (fan speed of aprox. 70-80%) and the GPU fans at idle, the air is still pulled through the side panel (top right area).