NZXT H1 - Aluminium CNC Custom Panels

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I buy if I'm not from the EU or UK?

The first batch of pre-orders will be delivered to mainland Europe and the UK with the exception of Andorra, Ceuta, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Livigno, Malta, Melilla, San Marino, Serbia, Turkey and all European islands. Orders from Switzerland and Norway are accepted but buyer may be subject to additional import duties. All orders are shipped from Romania (EU).

Q: How long will it take until I receive my Pre-Order?

My aim is to have Initial batches manufactured and delivered by the end of October to mid November. The current worldwide situation and lessened air traffic is something to keep in mind, but I don't expect there to be any significant delays.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

Orders can be cancelled and refunded via PayPal minus the transaction fees. Please consider that manufacturing may have already begun for your order.

Q: How will shipping be handled?

For the first batch of pre-orders, delivery is free! Delivery to most European Union countries will be done via parcel delivery. For some select countries orders may be instead sent with the Romanian Post, depending on availability.

Q: How do I mount the panel?

The panel has neodymium magnets pre-applied that snap onto the metal rails of the H1 chassis. These magnets are very strong, and I've added more than necessary to ensure the panel does not slide. First, you need to align it at the top, and then slowly angle it down until the magnets snap. A printed guide will be included.

Q: My panel is not aligning perfectly, is the panel defective?

All panels are manufactured to very tight tolerances. The stock front panel of the H1 gives the case extra rigidity when installed. With the stock panel removed, only the back panel helps keep the case rigid, due to this and variances in the H1 cases, the case might sit very slightly crooked. It may also be that top cover (the U shaped part that slides over the case) is not sitting perfectly. I haven't found this to be an issue with my own H1.

Q: There was a white panel option. What happened to it?

Unfortunately the white powder coating did not perfectly match the case, so those designs were dropped for the time being. The Graphite Black version perfectly matches the colour of the stock rear panel and also stays true to the original design of the case. I do have some very special plans for the white prototypes that did not make the cut :) Don't be surprised to see them come back.

Q: What about that macropad?

It's made by my friend Victor Lucachi. It's a hand assembled mechanical programmable macro pad with a custom PCB and 3D printed case. More about it here.

Q: Will there be more designs / colors?

In all likelyhood, yes, but not soon. The current focus is on getting the existing designs out.

Q: Can I request custom desgins?

Unfortunately, no. But design suggestions will be considered.